Video Gallery

There's A Place Where Dreams Come True


Backstage with Louis the Palace Cat



Tea in the Gardens - Pink October


Malta TV Explores Palazzo Parisio


Patrick & Magda Alfvegren Wedding


ECMeetings Reception at Palazzo Parisio


Madliena Married Man - Official Book Trailer


EYE Commercial - Always Connected


EYE Commercial - Behind the Scenes at Palazzo Parisio

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Organise your corporate event, dinner party or fashion show at Palazzo Parisio.

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At Palazzo Parisio we provide you with a mouth-watering catering experience which complements your experience.

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Facilities & Plans

We treat every event independently and provide you with an experience which is specific to your needs.

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Yacht Chartering

Our exquisite yacht chartering service truly reflects the Palazzo Parisio ethos.

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