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The tall ancient trees are rustling in the garden of Palazzo Parisio. Their huge trunks immoveable, their branches swaying, it seems almost as if the entire garden were stirring.Behind them, stands the palace, its balcony overlooking the walled garden, the church spire clearly visible behind it. The church clock strikes two, the peals of the bells echoing in the large beautiful rooms, wide corridors and marble staircases of the palace.

From the family carriage at the entrance to the Italian-style gardens, and from the dazzling glamour of the mirrored ballroom to the Pompeiian dining room, Palazzo Parisio, built in the 18th century by the Portuguese grandmaster Manoel de Vilhena, seems to possess something of the quality of fairytale.Compared to a miniature Versailles for its opulence, the palace was converted to magnificence by the Marquis Giuseppe Scicluna, who dreamt of a splendid winter palace to alternate with his summer house on Dragonara Point in St Julians.

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The Marquis Giuseppe Scicluna bought Palazzo Parisio in 1898 and it is through him that the property received its greatest renovation, which fortunately still survives till today largely in its original form

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