Getting Married In Malta

Malta, the beautiful, sun-kissed archipelago in the middle of the Mediterranean, has always been the location of choice for couples looking for a magical destination wedding. You may be asking yourself why it’s such a popular location to get married. If you have ever visited the Maltese islands, then it’s easy to see why getting married in Malta is such a popular decision for couples. For those of you who have never been to our paradisaical oasis, let us tempt you.

Getting Married in Malta - Palazzo Parisio

Malta has the ideal climate all year round, with balmy summers and warm, bright winters. No matter what time of the year you decide to get married, you are guaranteed to have beautiful weather on your special day if you choose to come to Malta. The islands are surrounded by the warm, sapphire Mediterranean Sea and over the years the waters have gently sculpted the landscape to create some truly magnificent scenery. If you decide to get married in Malta, the dramatic coastline and the crystal-clear waters make for the perfectly unique backdrop for your wedding photos. You will never forget the natural beauty of the islands.

As attractive and idealistic as this all sounds, there is one more aspect to the islands that really make it worth your while getting married in Malta: the Maltese people. The locals are as warm and welcoming as the weather and they will go out of their way to help you in every way possible.. The friendly culture in Malta means that your wedding will be planned exactly to your specifications by people who genuinely want you, your loved one and your guests to have the best day of your lives. The locals are bi-lingual in both English and Maltese and a majority have a very good understanding of Italian.

Getting Married in Malta - Palazzo Parisio

Create some memories you will cherish forever as you embark on a new journey in life with your other half. Choose to have the first day of the rest of your life in Malta. 

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