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A Magical Afternoon Tea Experience

As the afternoon approaches, the sun radiates through the cloudless Maltese skies and you seem to be getting up an appetite for something whimsical, and delicious. Make the most of your afternoon by enjoying a genuine afternoon tea experience at Palazzo Parisio’s lavish tea room.

A Magical Afternoon Tea Experience at the Tea Room

Spend your afternoon in the lap of luxury whilst sipping on only the finest teas, brought to the Palace from all over the world. The vast blends of teas include traditional black teas for the standard English breakfast lovers, as well as a numerous amount of flavoursome herbal blends, that are definitely worth a try.

Marry your afternoon tea with the delectable finger foods prepared by the Palace’s in house catering. If you’re looking for a traditional afternoon British tea experience, you may treat yourself to an assortment of dainty finger sandwiches served on a three tier stand, as well as homemade scones together with strawberry preserve and clotted cream. If you’d rather indulge in delicious freshly baked goods, the in house Patissier also makes a selection of mouth-watering cakes, ready to satisfy your sweet tooth. You may opt for the ‘Light as a feather and fit for a Queen Victoria Sponge Cake’, or if you’re feeling a bit more venturous, the ‘Wickedly delicious moist Chocolate Layer Cake’, amongst the rest of the wonderful options available.

A Magical Afternoon Tea Experience at the Tea Room

If it’s a particularly beautiful day you can soak up the sunny Maltese rays and enjoy your afternoon tea in the celebrated gardens at Palazzo Parisio. The Baroness and her daughter, Justine absolutely adore the gardens and pay special attention to them to ensure they are cared for and kept in exceptional condition. Enjoying afternoon tea surrounded by the lush gardens truly is a unique experience.

A Magical Afternoon Tea Experience at the Tea Room

Why not gather your closest friends for an afternoon of laughs, luxury and love? Palazzo Parisio’s tea room is ready to cater for your every need and provide you and your loved ones with a remarkable afternoon tea experience.  If you’d like more information about the tea room, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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