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Every Evening is Aperitivo Evening

The Italian style Aperitivo is a fantastic way to spend some time with friends and loved ones. This social event has a rather simple concept behind it: relax with some drinks, conversation and some tantalising snacks. A simple concept, yes, but as they say it's the simple things in life that make for the most memorable. Taking inspiration from this Italian tradition, Palazzo Parisio will be launching its very own Aperitivo evenings that will be organised each evening in the beautifully picturesque gardens for the coming months.

Aperitivo Evenings at Palazzo Parisio

Starting on Friday 12th May from 6pm to 8pm, you're invited to spend a couple of hours lounging in the warm evening sun to recharge and take your mind off your hectic work schedule. While you're relaxing in the gardens, you will be treated to various different nibbles to enjoy with a drink or two. These Aperitivo evenings are free of charge and are open to anyone who is enjoying a drink at Palazzo Parisio. If you'd like to try something different you can get two demi-bottles of Foss Marai, Prosecco Superior plus an assortment of light, Italian style canapés that have been hand chosen just for you by our expert chefs for €25. 

Aperitivo Evenings at Palazzo Parisio

Once you've spent some time chatting and pottering around the gardens, find yourself a place to sit and bask in your glorious surrounds. You're guaranteed to feel the stress just melting away! If you feel like having another drink or two, you can avail of the extensive list of delectable craft cocktails, long drinks and you can even choose from the list of wines available at Palazzo Parisio. Why not embrace the spirit of the Italian Aperitivo with a bottle of Italian wine?

Aperitivo Evenings at Palazzo Parisio

The Aperitivo Evenings at Palazzo Parisio will be running every evening so you're welcome to join us any day of the week. These evenings are an absolute must if you're looking to organise a get together with friends, both old and new, or if you and your other half are looking to organise an evening together with a difference.

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