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The Perfect Christmas Party in Malta

Finding the ideal venue to celebrate your annual Christmas staff party can be a challenge. Palazzo Parisio can provide you with the perfect venue for your Christmas party in Malta.

The Venue

Palazzo Parisio is an imposing palace found in the heart of Naxxar. The elegance of the Palace is without comparison, and has even been compared to a miniature Versailles because of its luxuriousness and detail for design.

Christmas Party Malta

Palazzo Parisio provides a variety of rooms in which the festivity can take place. The different venues within the house are known for their immense luxuriousness and impeccable style. There is an instant feeling of overwhelming joy and appreciation when one enters the palace’s doors. The locations range from the Ballroom which is rich in beauty and elegance and provides you with an experience in itself. There is also the Sala Lombardo which is perfect for the wintery season. Its smaller setting gives it a more intimate feeling which may be what you are looking for in a Christmas party.

Room Capacity

The Palace  Seated Event  Standing Event
The Ballroom  120  200 
Ballroom & Sala Lombarda (Combined)  180  300 
Sala Lombarda  60  100 
All Upstairs Rooms (Combined)  230  500 
Pompeian Dining Room  24  N/A 
Landing Outside the Ballroom  40  80 
Balcony Terrace (Outside)  40  80 
The Gardens  250  600 

Christmas Party Malta

The Palazzo Parisio Christmas Experience

The Palace offers many different services, in order to try cater for everybody’s desires. Your specifications will be at the heart of what is organised for your Christmas party. You can opt for h’orderves and craft cocktails served by the Palazzo’s very own craft mixologist for a more relaxed environment. If you are looking for a more intimate setting, fine dining services are also offered by the Palace. With the choice of indoor, outdoor, or even a party in the cellar, Palazzo Parisio really can accommodate all. 

Christmas Party Malta

The fine dining and catering is organized by the Palace and is prepared by a team of highly-skilled chefs, with a passion for the finest cuisine. They will work to provide you with the best catering specifications suited for the setting you opt for, so as to compliment your event.

Christmas Party Malta

This winter why not treat your colleagues to the royal treatment? Live the experience of a lifetime and make memories that will last! 

Contact us for further details on how you can make this happen!

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