Events at Palazzo Parisio

A Royal Christmas Party to Remember

As the festive season draws near, people everywhere look forward to celebrating their hard work and efforts throughout the year. The annual Christmas staff party gives the opportunity for co-workers and business partners to leave the stress of work behind and get together for a night of joyful exultation.

For such a unique event, only the best venue will do. From the elegance and luxury of the palace, to our attentive and courteous staff, Palazzo Parisio will be the perfect venue for your corporate Christmas party.

Set in the heart of Naxxar, Palazzo Parisio is one of the few grand palaces available to the public on the island. The Baroque palace boasts a variety of rooms to choose from, each radiating with distinct style and glamour. 

Among these rooms is the dazzling Ballroom. Words alone cannot begin to describe the magnificence and grandeur of this room. Featuring elaborate craft work and detailed decorations, the Ballroom is among the most sought after rooms in the Palace, and with good reason. 

Another coveted room is the Sala Lombarda. Brimming with the finest paintings and precious antiques, the Sala Lombarda follows the Italian Lombard style, from which it bears its namesake. The room has a more intimate feeling due to its warm palette and smaller setting. 

Accompanying the magnificent palace are the lush gardens of Palazzo Parisio. Like something you've only experienced in a fairy tale, the surrounding gardens offer a unique and magical ambiance that will leave you speechless. Featuring an outdoor bar, the gardens are beautifully transformed in the evening with glowing lights that will take your breath away. 

Whether you opt for a relaxing environment tasting our variety of craft cocktails or a luxurious fine dining experience, Palazzo Parisio can tailor the event to your heart's content. Every individual within our staff is dedicated and committed to providing the best possible service and experience.

Show your staff and colleagues your appreciation by treating them to an evening of royalty unlike no other. Contact us today for a unique corporate Christmas party your co-workers won't soon forget. 

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