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Easter Sunday Lunch at Palazzo Parisio

As the warm spring sun starts to shine through the hallways of Palazzo Parisio and begins to radiate a pleasant, balmy feeling over the gardens, one thing is certain; Easter is fast approaching. At its essence, Easter is a time to surround yourself with your loved ones and at Palazzo Parisio, everyone is busy putting the finishing touches on a very special Easter Sunday Lunch for you and your family. 

Easter Sunday Lunch at Palazzo Parisio

The afternoon of Easter Sunday will commence with a welcome drink so you can take some time to catch up with your family and take in the beautiful surroundings. Once you’ve relaxed and spent some time bonding with your loved ones, the lunch will commence. Combining their years of expertise, the chefs at Palazzo Parisio have put together a menu that will delight the senses, offering a truly delectable culinary experience just for you. An Easter Surprise has also been organised for the end of the meal to finish the menu on a cheerful note. If you like surprises, you will fall in love with what the chefs have in store for you.

A special kids’ menu will also be provided on the day to keep your young children happy and perhaps give you a few moments silence too! They say that silence is the best indicator that someone is enjoying a meal, after all.

Easter Sunday Lunch at Palazzo Parisio

Once you have finished your meal and have had time to unwind with a choice of tea or coffee, a special Easter treasure hunt has been organised to excite your kids. Help them on an adventure around Palazzo Parisio as they search for Easter treats hidden in various locations. The look of glee on their faces as they uncover something will leave a lasting impression on you, and on them, creating fond memories. 

This exquisite lunch event costs €75 per person and €20 for children. Reserve your table if you’d like to experience a truly unforgettable Easter Sunday.

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