Easter at Palazzo Parisio

Exploring Palazzo Parisio: The Entrance Hall

The Entrance Hall at Palazzo Parisio is your first introduction to the inside of the palace, and what an introduction it is! The magnificence of the hall will leave you in awe, between its high walls decorated in antique art, its various ceiling paintings and its doorways and baseboards adorned with polished black marble.

The Entrance Hall is flooded with an abundance of natural light flowing in from the grand doorways leading outside that expertly lights up the important features throughout the hall. The ceilings of the hall are decorated by two masterpieces by the Italian artist Filippo Venuti, one of them depicts two putti holding a banner that reads “Salve”, greeting you to the palace. The other depicts the Roman God Mercury as an allegory of commerce and trade. Various portraits of the Marquis John Scicluna's wife, Violetta Testaferrata Moroni Viani and their daughter, Marie Christianne, can be found decorating the walls as well as a number of marble busts and sculptures of past family members of Scicluna lineage.

As you walk through the hallway you’ll pass by many exquisite pieces of antique furniture mirrored with perfect symmetry on either side of the hall. The tables and chairs, with beautifully detailed carvings engraved into the dark, polished wood, are fine examples of Baroque furniture.

The hallway also includes the Scicluna Carriage, a 19th century carriage and one of the most well preserved examples of private transportation on the islands from this period in history. Originally used by the Marquis Scicluna, this carriage was constructed by some of the best craftsmen in England and was then transported to Malta. What a sight it must have been to see this gorgeous coach being pulled through the streets of Naxxar by majestic black horses.

Continuing down the Entrance Hall you will be able to access the beautiful private gardens that offer respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The walled garden is decorated with colourful flowers and verdant creeping plants and hedges, perfect for a relaxing walk or delectable cup of tea.

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