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Tips to Organise the Perfect Hen Party

Your best friend has just announced their engagement and it's up to you to plan the hen party. Organising such an event can be tricky and overwhelming. So, we have come up with a few tips to cover the basics on setting up the perfect hen night.

It's all about the bride-to-be

Though it may be tempting to do what you want to do, you have to remember this is the bride-to-be special night and it should be all about her. 

The first thing to do is get an idea of what your bride wants. You have to find out what kind of event she is interested in having, whether it being a relaxing or activity-packed event. Tea Party? Cocktails with the girls? Sit down meal? 

You may want to find out is who she wants to be there, where she wants it to take place and when. Another thing you may want to determine is whether the bride-to-be would like to be involved in the planning process or not. 

Plan a meeting

Now that you've gone through the details, it's time to take your findings to the hens. Arrange a get-together and start brainstorming for ideas in line with the bride-to-be's preferences. Asking for help is a must. After you've all decided on the venue, date and theme, it's a good idea to delegate the tasks to help ease off the load. Set up an online group chat for the committee to keep each other updated and informed on any changes to the plan.


Now that you've decided on the venue, it's time to send out the official invitations. You can either do this by post or by email. The important thing is to instruct the invited to get back to you, this will more or less give you an indication on how many guests will be attending the party. Make sure you don't forget anyone and make a list of the people you've sent to and who responds back.

Book in advance

You might think you have plenty of time and its months away, but when it comes to good planning, it's all about early confirmation. The sooner you can make a reservation the better should you wish to avoid any unnecessary disappointment. Book anything you can get out of the way early, be it the venue, entertainment or transport. This will also give you an idea of budget and ease of mind to plan the rest of the party. 


Make a list of all the decorations and games you are planning to use on the night. Games are a fantastic way to break the ice and lift the mood. You are sure to find quite a variety on offer, perhaps even new ones you'd like to try. When it comes to decorations, no hen's party is complete without the popular bride-to-be sash, balloons and accessories to compliment the event. 


Get in touch with all the guests attending and make sure everyone has a means of getting to the venue. If you're planning to have more than a drink or two, arranging transport after the event will ensure everyone can freely enjoy themselves without having the worry of driving back home. 

Confirm again

Now that you've sorted everything, you should go through everything again. Double-check one more time to see if you've missed anything. Get in touch with the venue, entertainment and guests to ensure nothing has changed and give yourself peace of mind for all the hard work you've done. 

All that is left is to await the party and reap the rewards of your efforts. Contact us today to book your hen's party at Palazzo Parisio for a memorable event and let us help with all the finer details.

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