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Ideal Baby Shower Gifts

When your friend shares the exciting news that she is expecting, there's sure to be tears of joy all around accompanied by countless hugs and belly rubs. It truly is a uniquely exciting and emotional time for everyone. Before you know it, the baby shower has been announced and along with it comes one question: what's the best gift to get the proud mother-to-be? 

A baby shower is a fun celebration of new life and it's the perfect chance to spoil the new mother with essentials that she will need for her little bundle of joy. Surely everyone wants a practical and thoughtful gift for their friend and baby. So read on to discover some of the best baby shower gifts any mother would be delighted to recieve.


Onesies are wardrobe staples for every baby. Ask any experienced mother and she will tell you that these are worth their weight in gold to any mother-to-be. Despite it being an obvious choice for a gift, don't shy away from adding another one to the mother's collection. Babies can be quite messy and having multiple onesies fresh at hand will make life a lot easier for the mother and baby in the coming months. If the parents have opted to withhold on the baby's gender, there are many neutral coloured onsies to choose from. Babies grow out of their clothes very fast, so why not buy a number of different sizes too?

Ideal Baby Shower Gifts

Baby Books

Baby books make for a treasured gift that will last a lifetime. You can really help your friend capture and cherish every moment of her early motherhood with this thoughtful gift. Choose a baby book with a durable cover along with lots of pages and pockets for pictures and other keepsakes. This is bound to be a gift that will be appreciated and remembered well after the baby has grown, creating fond memories of early childhood for them too.


New mommies can always use more bedding, much like onsies, bed sheets, balnkets and other bedding items are like gold dust. From warm blankets to fuzzy pillows, you have an endless variety to choose from. Who knows, the blanket you buy may even become a cherished item the little one cuddles into for years to come. You might consider asking for the colour of the crib and room to match the colours. 

Baby Monitor

This is a very handy gift and there is a huge variety of different units available. A baby monitor will help new parents by giving them peace of mind when they need to do housework and are away from the baby. They can listen and even watch the baby from anywhere in the house, allowing them to get on with the rest of the chores. Modern units can even monitor the baby's breathing patterns. If this gift is too expensive, you might consider asking other people to chip in for this valuable gift. 

Gifts from the Heart

Nothing says "thoughtful" quite like a handmade gift or something personal. If you have the skill to knit your own clothing or accessories, then by all means do. Your friend will surely appreciate it that you took the time to make the gift yourself rather than buying it. The best part is you won't have to worry about someone bringing the same gift!

Gift Certificates

This is by far the safest option to go for. If you're still not sure what to get or worried that there will be too much of the same gift, getting a gift card from any local baby shop is still a great gift. The mother can later redeem the gift card for anything she needs and might have been left out from all the gifts she received. Why not get a gift certificate that your friend can use to treat themselves? They will definitely appreciate a bit of TLC after the baby is born! 

If you or one of your friends are expecting a baby and would like to celebrate, Palazzo Parisio would be more than happy to cater for your special event. Contact us today to find out more.

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