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Organise a Ladies Night with the Girls

There's something special about calling up your girl friends every once in a while for a night of fun and conversation. It provides a wonderful opportunity to relax in good company and catch up with those who have been absent from your life for too long. Palazzo Parisio offers a variety of ways to accommodate your special event and make sure your ladies night is full of wonderful memories. Discover all the choices and pick the one that suits your tastes.

Aperitivo Evenings

Set in the lush walled gardens, the Italian-inspired Aperitivo Evenings is a fantastic way to truly enjoy the summer weather. For two hours in the evening, from 6pm to 8pm, you can lose yourself in chat and a relaxing drink or two. This daily event allows you to sit back and absorb the mesmerizing ambiance of your surroundings. While you're soaking up you atmosphere and catching up with your friends, you'll be treated to a variety of snacks to compliment your drinks. Aperitivo evenings are organised every evening and entrance is free of charge but it's recommended that you book in advance to secure your lovely spot for the evening. 

Organise a Ladies Night with the Girls

Luna Restaurant

Luna Restaurant is Palazzo Parisio's very own fine dining restaurant. Offering a variety of mouth-watering dishes, the Luna Restaurant is the ideal place to indulge your taste buds. You can also spoil yourself and choose from the extensive variety of excellent wines . The dinner menu starts at 7pm and restaurant is open well into the evening. Reserve your table and guarantee you and your friends a luxurious meal with impeccable service. The tantilising dishes are something your tastebuds will dream about for months after! 

Organise a Ladies Night with the Girls

Outdoor Ladies Movie Night

Palazzo Parisio will once again host the popular Outdoor Ladies Movie Night on the 27th of August. This summer, the multi-Oscar winning musical La La Land will be screened in the gardens. The gardens will undergo a massive transformation into a picturesque open cinema to set the mood for this romantic movie. While you and your girl friends are engrossed in the movie, you'll also have the option to avail of a variety of cocktails and drinks from the outdoor bar. Availability is limited and given the success of previous movie nights, it's suggested you reserve your place as soon as possible to avoid missing out on this magical evening. 

Organise a Ladies Night with the Girls

If you're looking for a venue for you and the girls, Palazzo Parisio is sure to provide you with the excellent service and memorable experiences you're looking for. 

If you'd like to organise a truly special night out, contact us today!

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