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Malta Artisan Market

It is with great pleasure that Palazzo Parisio will once again be hosting Malta's Artisan Market. 

You are invited to join us at this unique event and immerse yourself into a mesmerising evening surrounded by the finest arts, crafts and exquisite foods Malta has to offer. The market will be held on the evening of the 16th of July and is completely free of charge to enter. The aim of the event is to provide the local artisans with the opportunity to promote and sell their finely crafted products.

Expect an infusion of different cultures and designs influenced by the island's unique mixture of arts and delicacies. This market embodies this legacy by offering you the opportunity to see some of the best and unique works of Malta's art and craft designers, all within the friendly and warm atmosphere of Palazzo Parisio.

Malta Artisan Market 2017

Expect to see a vast array of stalls displaying a wonderful range of uniquely crafted pieces made from local artisans working and living on the island. 

Ranging from fine craft woodwork to intricate handmade jewelry, and everything in between, you're sure to find something inspiring to take home with you. Meet with the artisans themselves and lose yourself in their stories of passion towards their work. The market will also showcase a variety of delicious food specialties should you work up more than just an appetite for the arts.

The market is more than just a fantastic meeting place for lovers of crafts, it also provides the perfect environment to relax and unwind on a lovely summer evening with friends and family alike. 

Would you like to find out more about the Malta Artisan Market? Contact us today for more information.

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