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Join us for Mother's Day lunch in the garden

Mothers are modern day superheros. Juggling working life with family time, they do their utmost to make sure their little ones never want for anything – dads do this too but we’ll have a special day for them later on in the year. 

Mother’s Day is that one day of the year we take the time to say thank you for everything they do. 

Where better to celebrate your mother (or the mother of your little ones) than at Palazzo Parisio. Let the magic of the gardens wash over the entire family and indulge in a four-course meal. The menu has been put together by our Italian chef Ciro Salatiello and is a celebration of spring ingredients. From fresh garden peas to fresh local shellfish, expert pasta and risotto dishes and even a beef alternative, expect to be delighted at every forkful. 

There will even be a surprise gift for every mother at the table.

Booking in advance is always highly recommended, kindly contact us on +356 2141 2461 Ext. 2 or email us on [email protected]

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