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Preparing Your Family Photo Shoot

Family photo shoots are the perfect way to capture a moment in time that you will cherish forever. Apart from capturing priceless moments in your family's life, they can also be a fun experience and an opportunity to bond with your loved ones. Though as with many situations, preparation and foresight can help make things run much smoother, leaving you to thoroughly enjoy the time with your family. If you're thinking about treating your family to a photo session, keep reading to discover a few pointers to help you make the most out of the experience and have a wonderful time with your cherished ones. 

Pick a Photographer

A seemingly obvious one but it requires more thought than you may anticipate. Every photographer has there own style and approach and you might want to do a bit of research to find one that relates to what you desire. Some photographers, for example, might not be able to bring out the best in young children for the photoshoot. A good photographer should have a keen, artistic eye yet also takes your wishes and suggestions into consideration. Have a look at your prospect photographer's portfolio and prices before making a decision. 

Choose Your Location

Naturally, you would want the perfect back-drop to really give life to your photos, but there are a number of things to consider when it comes to location. If you have young children, its a good idea to find somewhere with the related amenities at your disposal. Depending on the time of year, you might also consider a location that has both indoor and outdoor availability due to the weather. Having a back-up like this will mean you're covered should there be rain and wind.

Pick and Coordinate Your Wardrobe

Choose your outfits in advance and perhaps even bring along a back-up just in case one of the kids decides to to get messy. Try picking out clothes that compliment and coordinate well with all of the family's clothing to really bring out a harmonious photo. Neutral colours work best and are the easiest to match. On the other hand, don't over match everything as this can leave the photos looking somnewhat forced and unnatural. Lastly, make sure the outfit you choose is comfortable and leaves you feeling natural enough to enjoy the session.

Make Sure Everyone is Well Rested and Well Fed

If you're planning your session in the morning, make sure everyone has gotten a good night's rest, including yourself. A photo shoot can take a couple of hours to complete so a good rest combined with a healthy breakfast will leave everyone more positive and energetic for the session. You might consider a venue that also offers food and drinks just in case the photo shoot leaves you famished. 

Relax and Have Fun

Remember, this is all about you and your family. Your family don't have to be proffesionals, they just need to have some fun. As well as this, trust in your photographer to bring out and capture authentic and natural photos. Act natural and be who you really are and leave the rest in the capable hands of the photographer and the venue you chose. Remember, this is a chance to bond and spend time with your family, enjoy it!

If you're thinking about having a family photo shoot and capturing timeless moments with your family, Palazzo Parisio offers the best scenery and backdrops for your session both within the baroque palace and in our lush and vibrant outdoor gardens. Should you feel peckish, you can avail to the tearoom or Luna restaurant. Contact us today to make your dream family photo shoot a reality. 

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