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Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Every couple wants to have a fun and memorable wedding that will leave guests recalling the wonderful experience for months. The best way to do that is the keep everyone entertained and engaged from start to finish. Though the music, dancing and the guests themselves serve as traditional entertainment, there are a number of unique ways to make your special day that little bit more special. Read on to discover some exciting wedding entertainment ideas that you should consider when planning your wedding

Create a Unique Hashtag 

Though it is a tradition to hire your own professional photographer, there will surely be a lot more photos taken by your loved ones. Create a unique hashtag for your wedding, such as #JohnAndJaneWedding, and encourage all your guests to post any appropriate photos online through Facebook and Instagram. You’ll get to see a plethora of great moments other than those documented by your photographer. You will also make your guests feel more part of your special day and have a unique online collection of pictures when you search for the hashtag.

Host a Photo Scavenger Hunt

What better way to bring out the inner child in your guests than with a scavenger hunt? Come up with a simple yet fun list of things that your guests have to find and take a picture of. These can be a variety of things such as a photo with the groom’s mother or a shot with one of the catering staff. Guests can also help each other and it’s a fantastic way to break the ice too. You could even give away something very small to the person, or team, who find and snap all of the items first.

Organise a Flash Mob Dance

Flash mobs are a rising popular trend, and it's one of the most amusing ways to surprise your guests. Gather some of your closest friends and family in a choreographed dance and transform your wedding into an entertaining musical. This may take a couple of weeks to prepare prior to the wedding so you can all meet up for lessons and practice, but the results are always astounding. Make sure to film the whole thing and hand it out to all your guests after the wedding as an extra memento of the day.

Put Together a "Throughout the Years" Slideshow

Gather any photos you have with your guests in various stages of your lives and put together a special slideshow. This is guarenteed to put a smile on their faces while seeing you and themselves in your younger years, perhaps a school photo or your first photo as a couple together. You might be surprised as to how much you and your friends have changed since you got to know them. Remember the more embarrassing the photo, the better!

Replace the Guest Book with a Guest Video Box

You’ll find a guest book at every wedding you attend, the traditional book to be filled with heartfelt messages of love and wishful thoughts. Well, you can take this tradition to the modern era by having a video box at your wedding, where guests can record their messages instead of writing them. Expect to find more amusing recordings as the night goes on.

If you’re planning your wedding, Palazzo Parisio is the perfect venue for your special day. From the elegant baroque palace to our lush gardens, the location alone will be entertainment for your guests. Contact us today for more information. 

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