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Wedding Invitations Ideas

A lot of preparation goes into planning a wedding and you want everything to be perfect to the last detail. Couples are taking the extra step to make their wedding unique and stand out. Here a few invitations ideas that should grab your guests’ attention and get them excited for the wedding.

A bubbly invitation

A unique idea that is simple, affordable and fun.  At first glance, it will seem as a mere balloon attached to a flat card with instructions to inflate. The surprise comes as the details of your big day emerge as your guests blow up the balloon. 

We're going on an adventure

Perfect for couples who love to travel. An invitation designed to look like a plane boarding pass. What better way to show that you are about to embark on your biggest adventure yet! Surprise your guests as they are mailed their “boarding pass” to your wedding location.

Message in a bottle

A fitting theme for the lovely island of Malta.  A personalised printed parchment scroll encased in a solid glass bottle along with sand and seashells. It will also serve as a great keepsake gift rather than the traditional wedding invites that are eventually discarded. Just make sure that the guests can easily access the message in the bottle. 

Feeling lucky

An innovative and fun idea for an invitation. Have your invitation presented as a lottery ticket, your guests will have to scratch off the ticket to “win” the date of your wedding. A surprisingly easy and inexpensive invitation to produce. 


Bring out the child within your guests by sending them this fun invitation. Your guests will have to solve the jigsaw puzzle to get the details of your wedding day. You can also put a portrait on the puzzle to make it more personalised and guests could frame your memento. 

With all these new emerging ideas, you are sure to find one to your liking, maybe even come up with a new one yourself.  If you want to know more on how to plan your perfect wedding, contact us today!

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