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White winter truffles take centre stage at Luna


While the autumn months in Malta are still warm and sunny (bar the weekends that always seem to bring the rain), the temperatures in the rest of Europe plunge. This is no fun for European bikini-lovers, however foodies the world over rejoice at the opening of truffle season.

October sees the first shavings of this delicacy and as the season progresses tables around the world are showered both black and white truffles delighting taste buds the world over.

Although the black truffles have found their way around the local social media scene, it is the white winter truffles from Alba that are sought after by the world’s best chefs.

So, what makes white truffles so special (and in turn, so expensive)? The simple answer is that white truffles are rare and the flavour they impart is second to none. With a season running from late October/November to January, they are only available at this time in the region of Alba in the territories of the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato.

Unlike the black truffles, which have been mass-cultivated with some success in China over the last 15 years, white truffles are not cultivable. Truffle hunters set out to gather this prestigious harvest with pigs (and more recently dogs). In short, they are a luxury commodity in short supply and that supply is dwindling, mostly as a result of global warming and leeching of fungicides in the soil. They can’t be faked or formulated and the market has to make do with whatever nature provides.

The highest price known to have been paid for a single white truffle is the $330,000 paid several years ago for a 1.5kg specimen unearthed in Tuscany by a truffle dog, a price which literally made this gem a gastronomic treasure.

The aroma of white truffles is the first to hit you - pungent, with hints of newly ploughed soil and freshly fallen autumn rain. Their flavours are complex and pairs well with simple dishes that will not overpower the truffle.

Our truffles have been imported directly from the hills of Alba and our chef has created a simple menu serves as a blank canvas for these special treats. Simple pasta dishes, eggs and rich dessert will be on the menu for a week at the end of November, starting on the 26th.

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