Together with all other amenities, The Boutique reflects Palazzo Parisio’s character and personality and will always house items which are hand-picked by the Baroness Scicluna and her daughter Justine. If you want your share of unique Positano look then look no further than the Boutique. At Palazzo Parisio we have created a dedicated section aimed at providing items which give you a distinct personality and which cannot be found anywhere else on the island. Bridged into clothing, accessories and fashion the items are selected twice a year from international fairs which the family attends.

We take great care in selecting items which reflect fantastic quality that you have come to expect from Palazzo Parisio. Our mission is to provide you with some of the most unique items on the island and refresh our selection on a constant basis to always bring you the best possible products. All items are selected with you as our customers in mind, and we plan to keep delivering items which reflect quality and gorgeous taste.

The Boutique is located within the Palace itself and we will be glad to walk you through some of the items and the story behind the products you will find at Palazzo Parisio. You can find anything related to fashion, giftware, home accessories, homemade delicacies and seasonal goods, so be sure to visit The Boutique and get your hands on some unique items!

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