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At Palazzo Parisio we can provide a dynamic environment which offers you different experiences whether you are looking for a Banqueting event, Traditional reception or a Theatre style setting.  We treat every event independently and provide you with an experience which is specific to your needs. There are various locations which you can select to host your event and we will be there with you to offer the best recommendations to meet your expectations.

Our team will guide you personally and recommend the best setting for your dream wedding or event. The Baroness Scicluna and her daughter Justine Pergola will be personally involved in the setting up of your event, giving you the best recommendations and plans to make the event perfect for your expectations and tastes.

We have prepared a standard plan to help you get an idea of the key locations at Palazzo Parisio. The grid below details the ideal number of individuals per room, depending on the event type, although this number is indicative we will ensure that your event is the perfect experience. Your event may be a combination of rooms depending on your setting preferences and the number of guests which will be attending. Our job is to make sure that you have an exquisite experience at the Palace and that your guests are well received and enjoy their time.

Get in touch with us to find out how to best set your wedding or event, we will help you create the plan depending on your exact requirements.

The Palace  Seated Event  Reception  Theatre Style   Classroom Open Square 
Ballroom 120 200  150  48   
Ballroom & Sala Lombarda(Combined) 180 300      
Sala Lombarda 60 100 60   30 
All Upstairs Rooms( Combined) 230 500       
Pompeian Dining Room 24         
Landing Outside Ballroom 40 80       
Balcony Terrace (Outside) 40  80  40     
Gardens 250 600      

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Your perfect wedding and event needs the best catering possible in order to become the fantastic experience which you will always remember.

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