Indoor Weddings

Experience an indoor wedding like no other at Palazzo Parisio.

If you choose to have your special day indoors, you’re in for a rather splendid surprise. Palazzo Parisio is, by its very nature, strikingly majestic. Each room is intricately decorated with exquisite Baroque ornaments and furnishings. There is one room that is completely indescribable, the room where your wedding will be held, The Ballroom.

It’s not easy to describe The Ballroom at Palazzo Parisio unless you have experienced its grandeur in person. Its high walls, meticulously detailed with designs and figures of ornate whites and gilded golds, rise up to meet a ceiling of equal beauty. Decorated with a number of grand chandeliers, the whole room is softly lit by the warming glow of hundreds of petite lights. You truly feel like you have become part of something very special in The Ballroom.

 Indoor Weddings - Palazzo Parisio

The Ballroom is the very essence of a fairy-tale wedding.

On your wedding day, your esteemed guests will be welcomed into the dreamlike setting of The Ballroom where they will be seated before the ceremony begins. The acoustics in the room are ideal for any musical gestures of romance you may want during the ceremony, carrying the sound to every corner of the room with ease. Once the ceremony is complete and you have lovingly declared your commitment to your partner, our expert chefs and team of dedicated caterers will provide a tailor-made meal in The Ballroom you and your guests won’t soon forget.

The feeling of having your first dance with your partner, surrounded by your friends and family, in this beautiful setting is something you will remember and cherish for the rest of your life. A feeling of joy and a sensation of familiar nostalgia, as if you danced here before, hundreds of times down through the ages.

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