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Five reasons to throw a party in winter

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Did someone say Dry January? If we're honest, we've never really been a fan! January is cold, dark and boring. Why make it worse by introducing more restrictions. We're of the firm belief that winter is a lot more tolerable when you have something to look forward to in the middle of the month... a party let's say! Here are five of our best reasons to throw a party in winter:

1. It’s cold outside. Ok, so it’s not the cocktails in the gardens you might associate with us, but have you ever been inside the palace upstairs? Our beautiful ballroom is wonderful for cosy parties and the private dining room may be just what you’re looking for, for that intimate celebration. Book an indoor party and partake in some liquid warmth.

2. You missed your holiday party. Anyone that’s super busy during the Christmas period tends to miss out on the festive celebrations. Treat yourself and your staff and fight off those winter blues.

3. You can’t be bothered with a December birthday/anniversary/celebration. There’s so much competition for people’s time over the festive period. Why not postpone your celebration to a time of year when people have nothing to do and will be looking forward to your event?

4. Kick off the New Year in style. Start as you mean to go, they say. How better to go on than spreading some post-Christmas festive joy? Book an indoor party and partake in some liquid warmth.

5. We have some great offers. We don’t do discounts often but we’re feeling the Christmas spirit this year. We've waived our venue hire fee to make your winter parties more affordable!

Late Christmas parties, forgotten birthday celebrations, corporate events, or even just an excuse to meet up with friends. Doesn’t that sound like a better idea than Dry January?

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