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Luna welcomes the stars

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Michelin-starred chef, Paolo Barrale, will be in Malta to collaborate with our Executive Chef Ciro Salatiello on an evening surrounded by the stars for one night only. On the 29th June, guests will have the opportunity to dine in the luxurious gardens of Palazzo Parisio, feasting on local delicacies with Michelin twist.

Chef Barrale, like many top chefs, was inspired by his parents at a very young age, developing a passion for cooking while helping in the family run pasta-making business in Sicily.

In his early days, he worked with three-star Michelin chef Heinz Beck at La Pergola and L'altro Mastai in Rome and La Torre del Saracino in Vico Equense for three years. It is here that he really began to cultivate and refine his culinary philosophy, combining northern and southern Italian cuisine.

He was awarded a coveted Michelin star in 2004 whilst working at Marennà in Sorbo Serpico in the middle of the rolling hills of the Campanian Apennines. The restaurant lies in the centre of the famed Feudi di San Gregorio Estate, owned by the renowned Japanese architect Hikaru Mori. He is known for amplifying the territorial characteristics of the area through his dishes with a profound respect for the raw materials he uses.

Today Chef Barrale acts as a consultant, travelling the world and collaborating with international chefs. He has developed a four-course meal for the night of the 29th June that brings out the best of ingredients available locally, with a touch of the exotic. Guests should turn up between 19:30 and 20:30 and expect ingredients like locally sourced red prawns, fresh clams and strawberries along with more exotic black limes, hibiscus and dried roses. Every dish is paired expertly paired with wines to enhance flavours and take you on a culinary journey that is second to none. Priced at €100 per person, every course is expertly paired with Italian wines that accentuate the flavour of the dishes prepared.


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