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MOAS Fundraiser at the Palazzo

We’ve teamed up with MOAS, an international humanitarian organisation, and are excited to be hosting their annual fundraiser on 14 October.

Part of the founding family of MOAS, Regina Catrambone and her daughter Maria Luisa have always had an affinity with the Palace. “An oasis away from the chaos of modern day living,” is how Maria Luisa describes Palazzo Parisio, so much so that she hosted her 18th birthday party in the ballroom.

As a close friend of the Catrambones, Baroness Justine Pergola, wished to assist her friends in their commitment to mitigate human suffering and to provide humanitarian assistance to the most vulnerable communities in areas of crisis.

And so the fundraiser was born. A three-course gala dinner in the majestic ballroom, with wines provided by Cantele, followed by an auction with lots of goodies going under the hammer, including a day on Justine’s Sunseeker Manhattan 70, Jupju. Entertainment throughout the night will include live musicians and a DJ. Palazzo Parisio’s partner, Bjorn Borg from Floreal will be decorating the tables for the night.

Tickets are being through the MOAS website at €200 per person of €1,500 for a table of eight. Reservations can be made on the following link.

MOAS is an international humanitarian organisation created to mitigate human suffering and dedicated to providing humanitarian assistance to the most vulnerable communities in areas of crisis. Founded in 2013 by the Catrambone family in response to a shipwreck off the Italian island of Lampedusa that killed 368 people, MOAS became the first non-governmental SAR organization in the Central Mediterranean, providing a model for civil society search and rescue, as well as other NGOs. Between 2014 and 2017, during the SAR missions in the Central Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea, over 40,000 children, women and men were rescued.

After several missions in the Mediterranean and Aegean seas, in 2017 MOAS moved its operations to assist Rohingya refugees fleeing violence in Myanmar and the local Bangladeshi host community: more than 40 tons of humanitarian aid were delivered and two Aid Stations were set up to provide emergency health care services and medication to the refugee and the community.

In response to the high numbers of water-related deaths, MOAS has been working within the framework of Disaster Risk Reduction since 2019, providing technical expertise and support to local partners for the delivery of unique and innovative Flood and Water Safety Training in refugees camps.

To address the threats posed by fire in refugee camps, in 2021 MOAS established a new Fire Fighting and Response initiative to facilitate the full implementation of a unique fire response system, that can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of response teams in refugee camps.

In Yemen, Somalia and Sudan MOAS delivers life-saving famine relief products, in the form of ready-to-use therapeutic foods and pharmaceutical supplies, to local in-country partners where we also support distribution through logistic and systems support.

In 2022 MOAS started the #MOASMissionUkraine. We provide emergency medical aid, first response services and pharmaceutical supplies to the people in need through our fleet of ambulances and fully equipped Mobile Medical Units.

MOAS also operates in Malta with various projects to assist migrant communities and to facilitate integration and inclusion through education.

MOAS is advocating for the implementation of #SafeAndLegalRoutes of migration so that people don’t have to risk their lives in search of safety or a better life.

MOAS has Consultative Status at the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and is a member of the Malta Refugee Council.


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