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The Culture Collection in Collaboration with Teatru Salesjan

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Palazzo Parisio is proud to be supporting Teatru Salesjan throughout the month of April. Teatru Salesjan has become a hallmark for giving communities ownership over their own work, and introducing innovative ways to bring the arts closer to the people.

Teatru Salesjan, a community theatre in the heart of Sliema has been undergoing major renovations since 2021, leaving the company homeless until completion. We are opening our space as a venue, which will in turn, enliven the palace with music and live performances.

Managing director and owner of Palazzo Parisio, Justine Pergola has always had an affinity with the arts. Her late father, Umberto Pergola, was a choreographer for RAI television and collaborated on several movie productions, introduced her to the joys of dance and the arts from an early age. Though she studied hospitality in Switzerland and carries the family flag, running Palazzo Parisio, she always harboured a secret wish to follow a career in theatre.

“At this stage, I no longer have to choose and am proud to be able to offer my support to the arts in whatever way that I can. Palazzo Parisio was built to host grand events and this collaboration will bring a new lease of life to an old building, giving her the life and soul she deserves, I’m very excited.”

In the first of these, the Jose Carlos Gòmez Quartet performs the premiere of their new show, Gold & Light, an evocative evening of Spanish music and tapas, glowing with the exotic aura of the Iberian landscape.

This is followed by Burnand and Sullivan’s scintillating operetta Cox & Box, a hilarious and deliciously absurd Victorian farce that lampoons the double-dealing and fraud that comes with renting an apartment in a big city. Performed by an international cast of singers and actors, Cox & Box is operatic farce at its funniest.

The Palazzo programme ends with the Maltese premiere of Tama Matheson’s acclaimed music-drama, Johann Sebastian - The Life and Passions of JS Bach - a dramatic retelling of the extraordinary life of the world’s greatest musician. Interlaced throughout with Bach’s incomparable music, Johann Sebastian is a performance half-concert, half-drama, set in the dazzlingly opulent ballroom of the Palazzo Parisio.

Artistic Consultant, Rosetta Debattista expressed her excitement at this partnership. "Teatru Salesjan is thrilled to collaborate and bring the arts to the community inside the walls of Palazzo Parisio for a unique musical experience! Our theatre is currently undergoing renovations - therefore we are so grateful to find a home away from home...and what a home! Thank you Palazzo Parisio for opening your doors to us."

Teatru Salesjan is generously supported by The ADRC Trust, the BOV Joseph Calleja Foundation, and Arts Council Malta. A thank you also goes to The Imperial, Sliema, for their unwavering support.


Gold & Light

Date: 8th & 9th April, 2022

Time: 8pm

Featuring: The Jose Carlos Gòmez Quartet

Including: Spanish Tapas

Synopsis: Be seduced by Jose Carlos Gómez and his sensational quartet, as they take you on a journey through the sensuous and hypnotic world of Spanish music, all accompanied by a mouth-watering selection of Spanish tapas.

Price: €45

Cox & Box

Date: 22nd & 24th April, 2022

Time: 22nd April - Doors open at 6:30pm; performance starts at 7:00pm; 24th April - doors open at 11:00am, performance starts at 11.30am

Join us for a welcome drink before the performance and stay on at the Palace for lunch or dinner

Directed by:

Tama Matheson


Tama Matheson as the Landlord

Ken Scicluna as Cox the Hatter

Thomas Birch as Box the Printer

Tom Armitage as the pianist

Synopsis: A hilarious comedy about unscrupulous landlords and unbearable flatmates.

Join Messrs Cox & Box as they negotiate the pleasures and pitfalls of flat sharing in a big city and discover the vital importance of bacon and divorce. An evening of high farce

and absurd shenanigans, Cox and Box is a must-see for all the family!

Price: €30

Johann Sebastian – The Life and Passions of JS Bach

Date: 29th April, 2022

Time: Doors open at 11:00, performance starts at 11:30am; doors open at 6:30pm, performance starts at 7:00pm

Join us for a welcome drink before the performance and stay on at the Palace for lunch or dinner

Written and directed by Tama Matheson


Tama Matheson as Bach himself

Thomas Birch Tenor

Gisèle Grima Pianist

Tatjana Chircop Violinist

Simon Abdilla Joslin Cellist

Synopsis: Dive into the life of the world’s most extraordinary composer, to discover the passions, joys, hopes, and tragedies that shaped him and drove him to his extraordinary creations.

Interwoven with Bach’s incomparable music – played by a superb ensemble of international musicians – Johann Sebastian is an unforgettable evening of artistic wonder.

Come and be transported into a richer universe!

Price: €30


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