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Wine Tasting & Degustation with Ben Martinet

Updated: May 8

Our wine tasting and degustation has become a regular fixture over the winter. This time we are teaming up with Ben Martinet from Philippe Martinet Fine Wines to explore the wines from Alois Lageder. The family run winery from Alto Adige comprises of 55 hectares of the family’s own vineyard, which are managed on the basis of biodynamic principles.


These five wines are expertly paired with a menu curated by our Head Chef David Giacomelli.

Ben Martinet started in the family business at Philippe Martinet Fine wines as a delivery man in 2006, helping his father, Philippe, who founded the company. Ben’s French roots, and many long afternoons lingering around the table in Provence, savouring the very best of French wines sparked a lifelong passion in the industry and this was solidified as he got to know the business, working his way up to General Manager.


Ben’s philosophy is that wine is all about experiences and what really reels him in to the business is the interactions with both with the movers and shakers of the industry as well as clients that enjoy fine wines and want to learn more. He loves to get stuck in combine his love of travel with wines, visiting producers around the world to really get a feel for the terroir as well as immersing himself in their philosophy.


Established in 1992, Philippe Martinet Fine Wines imports and distributes fine wines and gourmet food from all around the world. This family-run business, managed by Philippe and his two children Ben and Claire particularly with producers adopting biodynamic practices.

Date: Friday 24 May

Time: 7:00pm

Price: €80

To keep this event intimate and to allow for discussion, we are restricting the event to 35 people. Book now.


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