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The Mixology Sessions - The Gin Edition

Updated: Apr 4

Calling all gin lovers! The winter’s almost up and we’re dusting off the cobwebs and getting ready for the party season ahead with a night of gin, food and fun in the spectacular ballroom.


Have you ever been out on a night out and thought wine just isn’t going to cut it? Well, we’re not strangers to mixing spirits with our meals, we just want to be sure that the flavour profile of the food we’re eating and the drinks we’re drinking work together.


Like with wine, some spirits enhance the flavour of some foods whilst annihilating it in others. And, just like wine, not all spirits are created equal. Those run-of-the-mill type gins have no place at our gin nights, we’ll be sampling some premium gins and learning a little about them from the master Richard Pons. Richard is the Guinness World Record holder for making the most different cocktails in an hour at a whacking 88 cocktails… Our question is, who drank them?


In the meantime, our Head Chef David Giacomelli has put together a menu to go with this premium list to ensure your night is as flavourful as it is fun.

What to expect?


A premium list of gins

Some locally made gin

Lots to learn from Richard Pons

Mix your own bespoke gin tonics

An exquisite meal with gin pairing


Date: 6th April

Time: 7pm onwards

Location: Ballroom

Price: €65

Book your table.


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