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Make it a Business Breakfast

When the office gets too chaotic, why not move your working space to our gardens. If you walk into the palace on any working day, you’ll find a number of people sipping on lattes, laptops open and meetings in progress.

The calming atmosphere of our gardens – or restaurant indoors when the weather isn’t perfect – is what draws people to the palace on a working day. And the promise of a delicious breakfast is what seals the deal.


Free Wifi and nooks and crannies of the restaurant that afford some privacy, is there a better way to beat the Monday Blues?  


If you’re looking at meeting with larger numbers of people, why not book our conference room?


Conference Room Specs:

Capacity: 15 persons



TV (145cmx85cm – 165cm diagonal) and HDMI Cable

Complete Privacy

Coffee, Tea and Infused Water

Book your table at or send an email to to reserve the Conference Room.


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